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There's something about a blazer that elevates your everyday wear to a stylish and classy look. We've put together our top list versatile outfit ideas to give your everyday outfits an elegant look. Let's get straight into it.

5 ways to wear your blazers for different effects:

#1. The traditional Blazer on Jeans

Shop the look here: Black Oversized blazer, White Crop-top and Highwaisted ripped jeans

Shop the look: Nude Blazer, Longsleeve Black Turtle neck, Mom Jeans, Black Boots and Handbag.

#2. Classy Blazer and Shorts

Shop the Look: White Blazer, Black Crop-top, Black Tights, Black handbag and White Sneakers

Shop the look: Blazer, Denim Shorts and White sneakers.

#3. Blazer and Hoodies

Shop the look: Check Blazer and Grey Hoodie

Shop the Look: Grey Check Blazer, Mustard Yellow Hoodie and Knee-high Boots.

Shop the look: Sleeveless Blazer set, Sky Blue Hoodie, Bag, Sneakers.

#4. Cosy Blazer and Sweat Suit

Shop the Look: Sweatsuit, Oversized Brown Blazer and White Sneakers.

Shop the look: Grey Sweatsuit, Knee-length Blazer and Sneaker.

Shop the look: Grey Sweatsuit, Grey Crop-top, Long Black Blazer/Coat and White sneakers.

#5. Chic Blazer and Dress

Shop the look: Check Blazer, Long Black Dress, Handbag and High-heel Boots.

Shop the Look: Black Short dress, Oversized Black men's Blazer and High-top Boots.

Shop the look: Coffee Brown Blazer, Short Coffee Brown silk Dress and High-Heels.

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