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Updated: Sep 4

Fashion is a form of speech, a means of self-expression. It speaks volume but communicates non-verbally. We all have our unique sense of fashion. Of course, it might be similar to someone else's but it is important to not drown in the trends and Find your style.

It's about How? Where? When? and Why? You ask yourself how do I style this blouse and pants? or How do I feel about matching these colours? where will I wear this outfit to? What time of the day will I be wearing this outfit? Do I feel comfortable? why should I wear something I'm not comfortable in? You unconsciously ask yourself these questions as you put on and take off several dresses or shirts until you finally find 'The One' and you go A-ah! This is it.

Fashion is a personal relationship you have with your items of clothing. A way to connect the internal with the external. A source of happiness..... take a stroll back to memory lane, the last time you had on that nice dress that complimented your skin, that pair of shoes that made you feel as though you were on top of the world. Think about how you felt after completing the look and checking yourself out in the mirror. Beautiful, Powerful, Royalty - that's how you must've felt. The joy of wearing something that puts a smile on your face is priceless. It's not unusual to lose yourself in the trends, the prices or how well you 'fit in'. It is about you being you and feeling like you in your style. It's really just about you and what makes you a happier and better individual.


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Fashion that changed the world by Jennifer Croll

The little Dictonary of Fashion; A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman by Christian Dior

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